About the Game

The World of Infinem is similar to Earth, in fact; it’s an alternate future. Ancient beings called Ancient Ones who are part demon, part squid faced monsters, part Minotaur beings who have been locked away for a very long time. Humanity is partially saved by the Angelic who are another ancient race at war with the Ancient Ones. The Angelic uplifted man in order to keep the Ancient Ones imprisoned on Earth.


Infinem is a Post-Apocalyptic Role Playing Game. It’s set in Humanity’s near future of an alternate Earth where an alien technology known as Magic is used .Infinem is a dark setting where life is toil, except for those who are on top of the pile. The goal of our Heroes can be many things: to restore humanity toits former glory one city at a time, start your own corporation, to make life better and to fight back the Ancient Ones.


Infinem is played with a percentile system. You use dice to determine successes and failures based on a percentage roll. You add bonuses and negatives from attributes, skills and other factors to determine your roll percentile.

Infinem has an in depth weapon and item list. Along with everyday items, Infinem has advanced items that boost you in some way beyond a normal items capability. This could be some high tech human prototype weapon from before the fall of humanity or a magical cloak made from the dead parts of an Ancient One.


Infinem also has a magic system. The spell list is long and inclusive, but not overwhelming. Perhaps you feel there is a spell missing? We’ve got you covered! There are rules for you and the GM to collaborate and make new spells to fit your needs.

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